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Geared toward families, La Lupa Bambini, is devoted to exposing young audiences to Italian and Italian-American art, heritage and culture, by establishing a program specifically designed for our community’s next generation.
Sunday, May 16th 12:00PM-4:00 PM
All performances & workshops will be held at
The Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum
1419 N Topanga Canyon Blvd.

12:00 PM
STORY TIME with SAMMY & SUE (a Green book series) by Suzanne Corso
Suzanne will read from her popular “green” book series and perform a hands-on green workshop with the kids.
12:30 PM
THIN AIR MAGIC (a mime workshop) by Paul Cunero
Paul will be teaching kids how to create illusions of running into walls that don’t exist, walking in place and flying off into thin air. He'll also teach them to move like a marionette or a robot and then give the parents strings and a computer code to make their children do anything they want them to do…
1:00 PM
PINOCCHIO in Verse (in the Amphitheater) by Vincent Marano, Directed by Monica DiBiasio, Presented by Theater Green
Theatre Green reuses and recycles everything from props to costumes and set materials in an effort to reduce their impact on the planet. We are a core group of dedicated Theatre Artists who strive to share the beauty of theatre with children and adults in hopes that a positive impact on youth today will lead future generations to support all forms of artistic expression.
2:00 PM
MUSICANTICA’S BENAS WORKSHOP by Enzo Fina & Roberto Catalano
The bena (pl. benas) is a reed clarinet from the island of Sardinia (Italy). It is an instrument of ancient origins common in many Mediterranean traditional cultures. In Sardinia, this small instrument was conceived originally as a toy and only later "upgraded" to the status of self-contained musical instrument. Used by both peasants and shepherds, nevertheless, the bena keeps its toy-like essence in the way it looks and in its unpredictable sound. Dr. Catalano captures that very quality of the instrument in his teaching both children and adults how to make these pretty sounding clarinets. All that is needed in term of tools is the appropriate cane segments, which are provided, round tip scissors, and a bit of patience. Children particularly appreciate this workshop because of the interesting process of making the benas but also because Enzo Fina teaches them how to make a similar instrument made out of soda straw.
3:00 PM
Italian Language Lessons by Andrea Lee Davis
SPEAK ITALIAN! Fun for all ages, "Italiano con Andrea" invites children and adults to speak Italian in 30 minutes! Through games, songs, and movement, you will learn basic words and phrases to inspire your next trip to sunny Italy!
For over 15 years, Andrea Lee Davis has taught Italian at elementary school, high school, and college levels. She holds an MA in Italian Literature from UCLA.
3:30 PM
California Contemporary Ballet Professional Company & The Youth Ballet present
NAPOLI Choreographed by Erin Holt (in the Amphitheater)
CCB Celebrates the spirit of invention and exploration through new choreographic works, California Contemporary Ballet seeks to endow our artists with opportunities to engage our audiences in the creativity, imagination and joy of dance.

In an effort to encourage young dancers in their pursuits toward a career in dance, CCBallet continues to establish a youth division within its organization. California Contemporary Youth Ballet (CCYBallet) provides an artistic training ground for young dancers with choreography for community-based performances and CCYBallet concerts.

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